14. 08. 12
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S.No Title of Proposal P.I/CI Funding Agency Amount in Rs. Status
1 Fabrication & Experimental Investigations on Al-Si-Tibe Nano Composites Dr.K. Venkateswara Rao AICTE 20,40,000 Ongoing
2 Assessment of the quality of Drinking water sources in the upland area at West Godavari District,Ap Dr. R.Harinadha Babu DST 22.00.000 Ongoing
3 Siemens TSDI Dr. G.Samabasiva Rao APSSDC 3,00,00,000 Ongoing
4 Upgradation of Strength of Materials Lab Dr. K. Venkateswara Rao AICTE 6,00,000 Compleetd
5 Modernization of AEC/EDC LAB Mr.M.Ravi Kumar AICTE 7,50,000 Completed
6 Modernization of BMI Lab Mr.M.Ravi Kumar AICTE 5,00,000 Completed
7 Modernization of Communications Lab Mr.M.Srinivasa Rao AICTE 11,20,000 Completed
8 Modernization of P.I. Lab Mr.C S Dattatreya AICTE 10,00,000 Completed
9 Modernization of Electrical Machines Lab Mr.Shyam Mohan S Palli AICTE 9,00,000 Completed
10 Modernization of Chemistry Lab Dr.A.Ramachandra Rao AICTE 5,72,000 Completed