14. 08. 12
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Sri Jasti Mallikharjunudu, Correspondent

Sir C.R.Reddy College of Engineering


I deem it a great privilege to be an essential part of this magnanimous institution. As correspondent of Sir C.R.Reddy College of Engineering, I strongly support the cause of professional courses in the technologically advanced world. Engineering, in particular, is a course that demands innovation and logical thinking and subjects are to be learnt at the application level. The ultimate aim of engineering as a study is to make human life easy and pleasurable. So, it is our duty to hone the talents of the young students who join the institution and make them ready for job and ready for life. Every student must be made to remember that in order to survive in the job market governed by cut throat competition, he should be one among the best. The institution must mould the student and give him an edge over others in attaining success.