Women Empowerment and Grievance Cell

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   ====Women Empowerment and Grievance Cell====


Women Grievance Complaint Form--click here


Women Empowerment Cell (WEGC) has been constituted to empower and safeguard the rights of female members; faculty staff and students of the College. The WEC works to promote gender sensitivity in the college and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce harmonious atmosphere on the campus. It works for the welfare of the students and faculty towards preparing them in to competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere. The Principal nominates the members of WEGC.

It organizes workshops and sensitization programmes both for staff and students by eminent Psychologists and social workers.

 The following Faculty are the members of Women Empowerment and Grievance Cell from each department


The following are the student members for WEGC 

S.No Department Name Regd.No Year
1 ECE G.Naga Jyothi 19B81A0452 IV/IV
2 ECE T.Richitha Madhuri 19B81A04G5 IV/IV
3 ECE Ch.Sri Vinaya 20B81A0438 III/IV
4 ECE L.R.S.Chandrika 20B81A04A2 III/IV
5 ECE A.Saida 21B81A0401 II/IV
6 ECE K.Jahnavi 21B81A0489 II/IV
7 ECE T.Sirivennela 21B81A04J3 II/IV
8 CSE Ch.Bhuvaneswari 19B81A0518 IV/IV
9 CSE M.Vasavi 19B81A05A1 IV/IV
10 CSE T.Niharika 19B81A05G3 IV/IV
11 CSE N.S.Sravya 20B81A05B5 III/IV
12 CSE SK.Yasmin 21B81A05F9 III/IV
13 CSE K.Sai Lakshmi 21B81A0564 II/IV
14 CSE K.Mounica 21B81A0581 II/IV
15 CSE SK.Afreen 21B81A05F1 II/IV
16 EEE T.Amalodbhavi 20B85A0271 IV/IV
17 EEE R.Meghana 19B81A0270 IV/IV
18 EEE G.Aharvika 20B81A0223 III/IV
19 EEE R.Bindu 20B81A0287 III/IV
20 EEE A.Vijaya Lakshmi 21B81A0201 II/IV
21 EEE V.Naga Sai 21B81A0272 II/IV
22 IT M.Gayathri 19B81A1264 IV/IV
23 IT P.Niharika 19B81A1291 IV/IV
24 IT G.Bhagya Lakshmi 21B81A1236 III/IV
25 IT U.Ranga Devi 21B85A1213 III/IV
26 IT U.Durga Sanjana 21B81A1234 II/IV
27 IT Md.Hafeeza 21B81A1267 II/IV
28 Civil C.Harivalli 19B81A0107 IV/IV
29 Civil B.Sai Sindhu 20B81A0103 III/IV
30 Civil N.Katyayani 21B81A0112 II/IV
31 MBA Ch.Bhavya 21B81E0007 II/II
32 MECH B.S.Vijaya Lakshmi 21B85A0333 III/IV
33 AI&DS P.Hema Navya 21B81A5439 II/IV


S.No Department Name Regd.No Year
1 ECE V.Maneesha 18B81A0440 IV/IV
2 CSE P.Rithvika 18B81A05B2 IV/IV
3 EEE Kolla Anusha 19B85A0230 IV/IV
4 IT S.Sushma 18B81A1286 IV/IV
5 Civil T.Sharmila 18B81A0136 IV/IV
6 MBA B. Mohana Akanksha 20B81E0005 II/II


S.No Department Name Regd.No Year
1 ECE P.Dakshayani 17B81A04C4 IV/IV
2 CSE Eagala Devika 17B81A0540 IV/IV
3 EEE Gollu Manimala 17B81A0234 IV/IV
4 IT R.Gowthami 17B81A1290 IV/IV
5 Civil K.Yamini 17B81A0123 IV/IV
6 Mechanical V.Teja Sri 17B81A0395 IV/IV
7 MBA K.Sanjana 19B81E0020 II/II