Alumni Association

14. 08. 12
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The Sir C. R. Reddy College of Engineering Alumni Association exists to help keep alumni in touch with their alma mater and to foster support to the institute. The institute has an active Alumni Association founded in 2008. It is run by a committee of faculty and alumni members, with the goal of building a robust alumni network and providing opportunities for alumni to engage with the institute. The alumni have found success in diverse fields and organizations.

Many hold senior positions at prestigious companies or have earned advanced degrees from top institutions in India and abroad. Some have pursued entrepreneurship or social impact work. The alumni community includes leaders across business, academia, technology, social services, and more. The institute holds an annual alumni event in the campus where all alumni are invited to connect and network. Alumni are honoured by special guests who offer words of wisdom to the group. Alumni share feedback about the institute and make suggestions for improvement. 

Alumni contribute to the institute's development mainly through expertise and advice, with some providing financial support. Alumni serve on various institute committees like the IQAC, industry interaction cell, and innovation council, lending their perspectives to discussions and decisions. They also engage with current students in technical sessions, offering guidance on industry trends, future needs, placements, and internships. Overall, alumni actively participate in the institute's growth through ongoing mentorship, ideas, and engagement.

Our engineering college's alumni association has emerged as a dynamic force, weaving together a tapestry of connections, knowledge, and shared experiences. As it continues to evolve, the association remains committed to nurturing the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. In doing so, it ensures that the legacy of excellence established within the hallowed halls of the engineering college continues to thrive, inspiring generations to come.



Any person who is admitted as student and completes his course or discontinues the course in Sir C.R.Reddy College of Engineering is eligible to join in this association as member such of these persons whose desire to join in association as member shall apply for membership in writing in the form prescribed by the association.